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PolyLion Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange

Unique Trading Incentive System

For a newly established AMM exchange, the most important question is how we can get enough trading volume in a short period of time. More volume means more trading fees, and liquidity providers can get more revenue.
Here is our solution, our unique trading incentive system:
  • Traders can get extra token rewards in every trading in specialized trading pairs.
  • For most trading pairs, traders will receive the POTC (PolyLion Trader Credit).
  • Other projects can also provide their tokens as trading rewards for their token's trading pairs. (This means that traders may receive up to 2 tokens as trading rewards for some trading pairs.)
  • In this way, we provide other projects with the ability to incentivize trading, and they will be more willing to encourage their users to trade on PolyLion.
For example
  1. 1.
    Peter swap 1 MATIC to USDC, he will receive a certain number of POTC.
  2. 2.
    Peter swap 1 MATIC to TokenA, and if the project owner provides us some TokenA as trading rewards. Peter will receive both POTC and TokenA as the trading rewards.
In this way, we will attract more traders and more projects trading on PolyLion.

How Can LION Holders Benefit

The logic is simple. We will allocate some trading fees to buy back LION tokens and burned. This can help us stabilize the price of the LION token.
Besides, 10% of the total supply POTC will be allocated to Mountain, which means that LION token holders can stake their LION to earn POTC.

PolyLion Trader Credit (POTC)

POTC is the second token issued by PolyLion, POTC will be used as the trading rewards on our trading incentive system.
Briefly, POTC is a SAFEMOON styled token but without a reflection function. But different from most safemoon tokens, POTC is backed by an existed AMM exchange and has clear use cases.
  • Max Supply: 1 Quadrillion
  • Allocation
    • 10% for mountain farming
    • 80% for trading rewards pool
    • 10% for dev fund
  • Transfer Tax Fee: 10%
    • 5% for automatic liquidity acquisition
    • 2% burned
    • 3% resent to the trading rewards pool
More details about POTC will be published later.

How Can POTC Holders Benefit

  1. 1.
    POTC can be staked to earn LION
  2. 2.
    POTC will cover almost all use cases of LION in the near future