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Automatic Liquidity with 5% reflection tax

Unlike other farms before, in PolyLion each transfer of LION must pay a 5% transfer tax. The 4.5% transfer tax gets added back to the liquidity pool through the contract automatically. This will help to raise the LION price floor continuously. And the liquidity will be inaccessible.
This is an innovative feature of POLYLION, combined with smart fee distributions model and Mountain farm, this will encourage users to hold the token for long term benefits.
For there is a 5% transfer tax on each transaction, the 4.5% transfer tax will be added to the LION-MATIC liquidity pool every time its total amount exceed 500 LION through the contract automatically. The other 0.5% is burnt to make LION rarer after each transactions.
The liquidity is made inaccessible, raising the price floor every time a transaction be made. This makes POLYLION a unique farm unlike others that can maintain token value for a much longer time.
Before we launch our own AMM dex, the liquidity will be added on QuickSwap then on PolyLion.